Indian tea «Mantra»


«Mantra» is harmonious combination of the sounds that have salutary effect on mental and physical conditions of the person who pronounce it. «Mantra» tea will allow you to create harmony in your soul, feel energy in your body, and achieve clarity of your mind.

Packing that is carried directly by the factory, located in the tea plantation, secures unforgettable tea aroma. When opening the tea pack, you will feel purity and energy of the Himalayan air, as well as uncompromising attitude of the traditional Indian tea.

«Mantra» tea marking allows you to know about the place and season of the tea plucking, processing and packing.


Tea from Darjeeling

Famous Darjeeling tea that is collected from the tea bushes of more than 100 years is washed with rains coming from the Himalayan peaks. It is grown on the steep slopes of the Himalayan foothills, and also associated with «Tea Champaign», which explains the relationship between taste and aroma features, on the one side, and bush age and the period of tea leaves growing, on the other.

Primary Darjeeling tea plantations are located at heights between 1500 and 3500 meters. Noteworthy, the height of the Mont Blanc Mountain , the highest one in Europe, is ….At such heights that are located at the state border between Nepal and India ( Darjeeling province, West Bengal state), climate is significantly different from that of Europe , even at the same altitude. There are essential wet cool of the Himalayas and Indian tropical moisture in Darjeeling . As such, it has a unique geographical location that allows to achieve the best quality of taste and aroma of the tea leaves.


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